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Bankcoin Reserve

Royal Bank of Wales Ltd and Bankcoin Reserve

Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) products are offered by Royal Bank of Wales Ltd (RBW) under an exclusivity agreement. This new arrangement expands previous offerings (limited only to governments and high-level institutions) to the end-user, consumer, client arena. 

This specific advantage of BCR is as an additional dynamic investment tool.  BCR permits the customer-consumer to support their own personal savings strategies to use the same protections of market stop-loss as those previously enjoyed only by governments and high net-worth institutions; by means of BCR’s 100% gold-based “stable” digital currency acting as a hedge against the fall of multiple currencies. 

Royal Bank of Wales Ltd is excited to have been selected as BCR’s exclusive partner in moving to a more consumer friendly/consumer-based product line within the global consumer marketplace. RBW’s role is to assist in initial distribution and repatriation of BCR, while assuring long-term viability of this expanded role of consumer-based digital currency use.


Bankcoin Reserve is the world’s only Crypto currency indexed to 1 oz gold price (9/1/19=$1,452)

Bankcoin Reserve announced in a press release that its Chairman, Gary McAlister, has put up an offer of 1.5M Bankcoins (Approximately AU$2,076M or US$1.94 Billion) to acquire London’s iconic “Gherkin” building from Savills and Deloitte Real Estate, who were appointed as agents and receivers for the troubled property in April of 2014.

This offer, which is well above the £650M (US$1.17 Billion), asking price, is intended as a strategic move to raise awareness of Bankcoin Reserve and the crypto-currency in the City of London’s influential financial sector. Bankcoin is the world’s only Crypto currency which is indexed to the 1 oz gold price.

We want financial industry leaders to realize that they have another option when it comes to transacting stores of value,” said McAlister. “We are attracting those in the financial sector who comply with all KYC and AML regulations and require the ability to move large amounts of stored value assets back and forth each day. This can happen in a matter of seconds, at a lower cost and more securely all thanks to the Bitcoin developers. If you are looking for a medium of exchange, then look no further than Bitcoin. If you are looking for a stable store of value, then look to Bankcoin.”

If the receiver accepts the offer from McAlister, they will do their due diligence on the Bankcoin Blockchain, including the network and Bankcoin wallets to make sure they are safe and secure. Then, they will be able to monetize the Bankcoins for whatever currency or commodity the creditors require. Banks, financial institutions, investors, traders, including exchanges and all those supportive of crypto currency now have a store of value and a stable price which can be used to do business. Bankcoin will provide the store of value part of the equation while Bitcoin remains the perfect medium of exchange that can grow exponentially in value, as it should, to cover the huge demand that is going to be placed on it in the coming years.

About The Bankcoin Reserve The Bankcoin Reserve Agency (BCRA) does not sell Bankcoin Reserve; it was instituted to provide the Bankcoin community with security and a stable price & mechanism which we have delivered. The Bankcoin Reserve Agency has 10M Bankcoin Reserve as a security position should any issues arise throughout the Bankcoin Reserve network. The Bankcoin Reserve Agency is a self-regulated Reserve and complies with all national and international regulations.

Other Crypto Currencies

These Crypto Currencies are accepted to be held in safekeeping at the Royal Bank of Wales Ltd:

- Bitcoin

- Ethereum

- Ripple

- Bitcoin Cash


- Litecoin

- Tether

- Stellar

- Cardano


Minimum institutional client account requirements are in excess of £10,000,000 GBP.  


BankCoin Reserve is available for institutional investors to buy/hold/sell through Royal Bank of Wales Ltd Digital Currency Interface Platform.

Minimum institutional client account requirements are:  First establish a cash account of 100,000 in either of the two currencies (GBP or Euro) and deposit value of 10M in coin if you wish a Custodial Account.