About Us

We Think and Analyze First


What is your ultimate financial goal? What investment risk level equals your personal or company comfort level ? What safekeeping needs do you have? What about international trade contracts and how to secure them? What personal or company assets are available? What insurance or risk mitigation services could complement the financial goals that you have established?

We Plan with Success in Mind


- Using your existing Vision Statement
- Clarifying your Mission Statement

- Implementing your Company Core Values
  into strategic planning solutions

- When internal company weaknesses are
  discovered, we help to mitigate them

- Focusing on Long-Term Goals

- Creating attainable Yearly Objectives

- Action Plans that set you up for success

We Execute with Precision


Going back to the word roots of the meaning "Precision". What does that mean?

We execute Action Plans with rigor  -  attention  -  care  -  carefulness  -  heed  -  correctness  -  definiteness  -  exactitude  -  exactness  -  fidelity  -  meticulousness  -  nicety  -  particularity  -  preciseness  -sureness  -  definitiveness  -  definitude.

Management Team and Assets



Royal Bank of Wales Ltd

International Business Company 

Duly Authorized and Licensed Bank

Republic of The Gambia

Registration Number: 88137643

Incorporated: 16th of February 2015

Incorporated under the Business Enterprise Regulations of 2013

Republic of The Gambia

Management Team


Royal Bank of Wales Ltd provides its customers with a team of financial, international banking, legal and insurance experts that has a
combined professional experience of over 100 years. 



Assets including contracted Gold assets
in excess of 4.6 Billion Pound Sterling.