Our Services


If you would like to Open a Business or Personal Account

please be prepared to provide the following identifying 

documents together with the appropriate corresponding 

Royal Bank of Wales Ltd Application:  

    Bank / Attorney Introduction Letter
    Incorporation Documents
    Business/Professional License
    Applicable Name  

    Tax Registration
    History / Origin of Funds Documents 

Please find below a variety of Services that Royal Bank 

of Wales Ltd can provide for you at your request or need.

Please contact us with any further questions.

Minimum RBW corporate client account requirements are:  

First establish a RBW cash account of 100,000 in either of 

the three currencies (GBP, Euro or USD).


For your business account choose from the following currencies: 

AUD  Australian Dollar

CAD  Canadian Dollar

CHF  Swiss Franc   

EUR  Euro

GBP  British Pound

HKD  Hong Kong Dollar

USD  US Dollar

Over 20 additional currencies are available depending on your institutional requirements and are based upon current transactions.

Royal Bank of Wales Ltd - Banking Service Divisions

Account Services


- Deposit Taking

- Lending

- Current accounts 
- Checking accounts  

- Savings accounts 

- Term deposits 

- Personal Accounts

- Company Accounts

- Trust Accounts

Trade - Local & International


 - Credit card services

- Debit card services

- ACH transactions 

- Payment processing services

- Cash management services

 - CDs   

- Wire transfers (SWIFT)   

- Issuing of financial guarantees 

and instruments

Funds & Securities


- Fund management 
- Marketing of investments

 - Royal Bank of Wales Ltd can become the signatory of any commercial paper, debt obligation, bonds, stocks, securities, subscription agreements, and any other evidence of indebtedness document    

- Securities Holding

- Securities Issuance

- European Stock Exchange placement

-  Holding of SKRs for in-ground assets, digital assets and commodities

Insurance Solutions


- Private contracted Escrow

-  Life insurance 

- Fixed & variable annuity 

- Life settlement policy

- Credit insurance

 - Reinsurance for political risk

- Reinsurance for trade & premium

-  Counter-Insure

- Insurance Brokerage

-  Insurance Against
Misadventure of any kind

- Performance Bond Insurance

- Marine Insurance

- Surety Bond Insurance

- Completion Bond Insurance

-  Investment Insurance

Real Estate & Precious Metals


Royal Bank of Wales Ltd assists to 

- acquire 

- develop 

- hold 

- sell

- trade

- exchange

- dispose

- mortgage 

of real property

of precious metals

of natural resources 

Financial & Legal


-  Inventory Financing

-  Power of  Collections

- Hold Patents

-  Make Acquisitions

- be Registered in Foreign Countries

- Sell Annuities

- Create or Set Aside 

Outside Of The Company 

a Special Fund

- Sell Endowments 

- Act as Pension Advisor

-  Real estate investment trust (REIT)

- Please inquire for other 

specialized legal services